Pharmaceutical standards

Saugella is produced by Rottapharm|Madaus, an Italian based multinational pharmaceutical group. The company is committed to research, innovation, development and distribution on a global scale of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and cosmetics on a global scale.

This same philosophy at the foundation of Rottapharm|Madaus has been applied to Saugella: constant investments in research, rigorous productive standards, natural and highly selected raw materials, and cutting-edge technologies in the production plants.

Respecting strict internal procedures, all the raw materials are kept in quarantine and sampled by quality control lab technicians in a controlled environment. Samples drawn are then submitted for chemical analyses, which verify conformity to the fixed specifications. Only after a positive result, can the approved material be used for production.

As for many cosmetics, Saugella's major ingredient is water. The water used for the production of Saugella is completely devoid of pollution. It is extracted from a 170 meters deep well, and is bacteriologically pure.

Water is processed in a modern water power plant, which guarantees quality at a pharmaceutical level.

At the end of the production, samples are taken for quality control. The lab immediately carries out chemico-physical and microbiological analyses. Only when parameters are expected and results correspond is the production lot approved.