Why should I take specific care of my intimate area?
Talking about intimate hygiene could cause some embarrassment; however, the intimate area is an important part of the body that contributes to overall personal well-being. A person's intimate area is a complex environment with a delicate balance among different micro-organisms, physical characteristics and biochemical processes. It is essential to protect this area by using appropriate products that will maintain balance in the vaginal ecosystem and prevent pathological situations. Saugella has developed effective solutions based on natural plant extracts that meet the needs of women of all ages and respect their physiological vaginal environment at all ages.

What is the vaginal flora?
The vaginal flora is a mix of all the micro-organisms (bacteria -mainly Lactobacilli, fungi and yeasts) that colonize the vagina. Many factors can disturb the natural balance of the vaginal flora, and this may lead to vaginal infection.

Which situations can disrupt the natural balance of my intimate area?
The proximity of the bladder and rectum and microorganisms in the external environment are potential causes of imbalance in the intimate flora. Hormonal changes, stress, bad habits such as wearing synthetic underwear or tight pants, and attending swimming-pools are some examples of what might disrupt the vaginal balance, change the pH and increase the risk of intimate irritation and infection. The Saugella line, with its natural properties, preserves or restores the natural balance of the intimate area, giving a pleasant sensation of comfort and freshness.

Why should I avoid shower gel or liquid soap for intimate hygiene?
Because the balance of the intimate area is delicate, it is important to use mild and gentle feminine washes. Soaps with strong fragrances or harsh surfactants can alter the vagina environment, causing irritation, itching as well as more serious health issues. All Saugella products are based on natural plant extracts that respect the physiological vaginal environment of women at all ages, are paraben and soap-free. That is why gynecologists have been prescribing Saugella for over 40 years.

How do antibiotics influence the balance of the intimate area?
Broad-spectrum antibiotics, taken to cure urinary or respiratory tract infections, may destroy healthy bacteria, and disrupt the vagina's normal flora. Harmful bacteria (pathogens) can use this opportunity to proliferate and cause an infection. When taking antibiotics, Saugella Attiva, based on Thymus vulgaris with natural antibacterial and antimycotic properties, can help prevent and naturally fight infections. In addition, Saugella Intilac Plus is an intra-vaginal gel that can help restore the vaginal ecosystem after antibiotic or antimycotic therapies.

How often should I use Saugella?
Saugella intimate cleansers can be used daily. All Saugella products are manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards with strict quality controls. Many clinical studies have been performed on Saugella, proving its efficacy and safety.

Why are plant extracts used as ingredients in Saugella products?
For the past 40 years, Saugella Research Laboratories have been studying plant extracts, applying their specific properties to improve women's wellbeing. Thanks to the innovative formulations Saugella products:
ensure gentle intimate hygiene even for the most sensitive skin.
respect and reinforce the balance of the intimate flora.
maintain or enhance hydration.
provide a fresh feeling.
have a pleasant creamy texture.
help women stay healthy.

How should I use Saugella?
Saugella should be used as a liquid cleanser once or twice a day. Rinse thoroughly after use.