• Saugella

    the feminine hygiene
    product line developed
    by Rottapharm|Madaus

    Saugella is the feminine hygiene product line developed by Rottapharm|Madaus, based on natural plants extracts with pharmacological properties that meet all kind of women needs and respect the physiological vaginal environment at all ages...

  • Natural plant extracts

    For the past 40 years, Saugella Research Laboratories have been studying plant extracts and applying their specific properties to improve women's wellbeing. Each plant extract contained in Saugella acts in a specific way to prevent or reduce unpleasant symptoms, and respect the skin and vaginal balance...

  • The vaginal ecosystem

    The vaginal ecosystem is a complex environment with a delicate balance among microorganisms, chemical and physical characteristics, biochemical processes and is predominantly influenced by estrogen...

  • Tips for intimate care

    Here's a “do and don’t” list for intimate care.
    • Do use a specific product for intimate hygiene. The use of ordinary soaps can be too aggressive for your intimate area and can cause the skin to dry out.
    • Don't be excessive with intimate hygiene: wash once or twice a day. Too frequent washing may alter the natural defense mechanism of the mucous membranes...

  • Pharmaceutical standards

    Saugella is produced by Rottapharm|Madaus, an Italian based multinational pharmaceutical group. The company is committed to research, innovation, development and distribution on a global scale of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and cosmetics on a global scale...

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